1) How Do I Get Started with Artificial Turf

2) How Does Michigan Turf Company Turf compare with what i see at big box retailers?

3) Where can I see turf samples

4) Where can I see turf samples actually installed on location?

5) How Do I Make a Purchase?

6) Where do Michigan Turf products come from?

7) Do You Install Turf?

8) Does artificial turf get hot in the sun?

9) Is Installation Artificial Grass Difficult?

10) How Can I Set Up a Contractor Account?

11) What else does Michigan Turf Company stock and supply

12) How is the turf sold?

13) Is everything you stock available for delivery?

14) What type of warranty do your products carry?

15) How much does turf installation cost?

16) Can You Custom Cut a Piece of Turf For Me?

17) Can You Custom Cut a Putting Green Pattern For Me?

18) How heavy is a full roll of turf and can you deliver it

19) Do you rent equipment for turf installation?

20) What is your artificial turf made of?

21) Will you deliver turf smaller than 15 x 20’

22) How can I pick up product?

23) Is Michigan Turf Company open to the public?

24) Do you have a showroom?

25) Where are you located and what are your hours of operation

26) How can I see samples?